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CANVAS IT (PTY) LTD started in January 2016. But the actual story started in 2012, three years before that. It includes a happy married couple, a newborn son and a printer in the living room. 
Before we got married, me and my wife decided to RAISE OUR KIDS ourselves.  Our logic for this: our kids will become like the person they spend most of their time with and we, as godly parents, have the responsibility to disciple them in the likeness of Christ.  My wife was is a well-payed dietitian at that time & I was a minister at a local church.  The day we found out that Cindy was pregnant, we knew that this is it: THE GAME PLAN JUST CHANGED.
We thought of a passive way of income while I'm still working. Something that will cover her salary.  We started out as an advertising agency.  We've purchased a normal copy, print & scan machine. We sold advertising space in a 1000 Restaurant Table Talker Stands.  Self-taught Photoshop skills came in handy at this stage.  People started asking for Business Card designs & Prints, Flyers, etc.  Out of that grew a need for a PRINTING & SIGNAGE company that would meet the needs of the community.
After a year we've decided to move the printer to its own shop and also purchased a wide-format printer. The signage supplies just got more demanding.  A very dear and loyal friend, who also helped with the initial startup of the business, showed me how to build & stretch CANVAS PRINTS. For more than a year I did it myself. The demands grew & I couldn't handle both the signage and Canvas Prints with diligence and consistency as always.  We passed the job to one of the General Workers who did it far better and faster than I ever could. We started with BUY ONE GET ONE FREE.  Where if you buy one Canvas, you get the same size Canvas Free.  The orders flooded in.  Too much too handle for 2 Full Time staff Members. We've done the special twice after that and hoped to finish them within the time frame of 7 working days.  We seldom did.
Then we've merged with another local Printing & Signage company in September 2015, doubling the workload in regards to signage.  We then made a BIG MISTAKE.  In the middle of the merge and with an overworked team of 11 Full Time staff, we've done another CANVAS SPECIAL: BUY ONE GET ONE FREE. It failed miserably.  Not in the sense of quality, but rather service.  We couldn't process the orders as promised in 7 working days as some of the clients waited more than 3 months for their orders. We made promises we couldn't keep jeopardizing our Character & Integrity & Breaking the trust of loyal clients. We then decided not to run this special again.
But I couldn't imagine seeing a brilliant concept going to waste. We've asked several people to pray with us. We've had very supportive family and devoted God-Fearing friends to give input and guidance regarding this. I made the suggestion to do the CANVAS PRINTS as a separate business. With my Business Partner's & Financial Advisor's Blessing CANVAS IT (PTY) LTD was born.
And the best part of it all is that the BUY ONE GET ONE FREE is not a special anymore.  It is NOW PERMANENT & FOREVER.  So, with every order you ALWAYS get another Canvas the same size free! Maybe the mistake wasn't that bad after all. 
CANVAS IT (PTY) LTD is now in it's 4th year of existence and growing to new strengths on a daily basis. We're 17 full time staff at this stage, although we need a lot more for the current workload.
If you have read this story, it means that you've been spending more time on this site than the usual customer.  We'd love to hear from you if you maybe have a similar story to tell or maybe just a few notes on how our story inspired you []